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Other Conventions

  • Comic-Con – San Diego’s largest annual comic book and science fiction convention
  • Coppercon – Annual Literary Oriented Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Loscon– Annual Regional Science Fiction Convention held by Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society in Burbank, CA,
  • Upcoming California Conventions – Our Jim Hay’s Web page
  • – World-Wide Science Fiction convention list
  • Game – a new site that strives to be the most complete game convention listing on the web.

Science and Science Fiction Clubs

  • Darkstar – UCSD’s science fiction, fantasy, and gaming club.
  • The Heinlein Society – A Not-For-Profit group formed for the purpose of preserving Robert Heinlein’s legacy by “Paying it Forward”.
  • LASFS – Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.
  • The Mars Society: San Diego – The San Diego Chapter of The Mars Society.

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