ConDor programming will reflect the wide variety of interests of our attendees including SF, fantasy, horror, comics, science, technology, literature, movies, television and art.

ConDor 2017 – Something Wicked

A Study of Evil in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Bring on the Bad Guys! Villains galore! Everybody knows that the Mean, Cruel, Nasty characters are the best part of the drama! Darth Vader absolutely dominates Star Wars, and the Klingons are the most interesting culture in Star Trek. We need our villains, so we’ll have someone to boo and hiss!

Heroes truly need villains to oppose! Without the Wicked Witch, Hansel and Gretel would still be lost in the forest! Without The Joker, we would think that Batman is the crazy one! Without the Daleks, The Doctor would have it too easy! Some theologians and philosophers say that Evil is necessary for Good to exist. So let us stare into the face of evil, and see who blinks first.

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Due to our small size we do not have a press room, press table or press hours of operation. More information of special programming events will be published here closer to the convention.

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Journalists who have not been to ConDor will be asked to supply the publication name as well as the name and contact information of the person who assigned them to cover the convention. Members of the press who have attended previous ConDors on a press pass are asked if they have since published an article on ConDor, the publication or website, date and a copy or direct link to the archived article. We also need the name and contact information of who assigned them to cover the upcoming ConDor. A press pass may be given if the writer has published a recent article on ConDor or science fiction conventions in general in a widely read format. Journalists will be given one press pass only. Teens and children 12 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult.

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It’s purpose is to promote an interest in the speculative fiction genre and media (science fiction and fantasy), and provide opportunities to educate and broaden public awareness of this genre. ConDor Conventions operate under the auspices of C.A.A.S.M. in partial fulfullment of that purpose.