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Music Fantastic Concert
Music Fantastic Concert
The MFC happens Friday evening up in the Crescent Room starting at 7PM. Our musicians will be doing a variety of styles of geeky type music. We will have our resident Irish band, Steelin' Tin, doing Geeky Irish Songs, Eben and Allison doing Geeky Music for Geeky People. Clark Chimp will make his first ConDor performance with his Acoustic Indie Space Pop presentation. The talented "Gotta Kill My Clone" Lynn Maudlin will entertain us with original science fiction themed songs, and all around performer and talented sound guy Greg Gross will polish off the evening with a selection of geeky folk covers.

ConcertFriday Concert Schedule In the Crescent room.

7:00 - 7:30
Steelin' Tin
7:35 - 8:20
Allison and Eben
8:25 - 8:55
Clark Chimp
9:00 - 9:30
Poplock Holmes
9:35 - 10:05
Lynn Maudlin
10:10 - 10:40
Greg Gross

Filk Circle

Filk music is not some thing that can be easily defined, but basically it is the folk music of science fiction fandom. It dates to the early 40s, though the term comes from a typo that was made in the 50s. It often is new words put to existing music, sometimes as a parody, other times quite serious. It can be about space, science, books, movies, tv shows, cats, computers, fan history (never upset a bard, you just might end up in verse and chorus), SCA, or anything else filkers choose to sing.

It is usually performed on guitars, harps, kazoos, drums and keyboards. At ConDor we do a Bardic Circle so every one gets a chance to sing, request a song, or just pass and let the next person choose to "pick, pass, or play.”
The Filk Circle will be on Saturday night in the Clarenden starting at around 8:00pm and going till some time in the morning. Jesse will be hosting the circle for us this year.

I.M.H.O. Concert

The bardic rock band In My Humble Opinion (I.M.H.O.) presents their hit story-set Won't You Scatter My Ashes, a tale of desperation, mythic horror, and redemption. Featuring Eben Brooks' Internet-famous hit filk "Hey There Cthulhu", Won't You Scatter My Ashes has been a year-and-a-half in development


Guest of Honor

S.M. Stirling

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