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Five Powerful Writing Techniques (Henry Herz) - Windsor Rose       


How to Self-Publish (D. Welch) Windsor Rose          

Academy: Herbology  (Hestia Thyme) - Le Chanticleer


Academy: Attuning the Pendulums (Joy DeCarlo) - Le Chanticleer


Tolkien in a New Key: How Later Writers Explore Tolkien's Themes and Premises. (L. Maudlin, S.M. Stirling, M. Underwood) -Windsor Rose

Academy: Mummification (Jack Plummer) - Le Chanticleer

Sexy or Sexist? The Portrayals of Women in Popular Art: With changing social norms, how do we interpret what we see? (S. Dawe,
V. Harkema, L. McEuen) - Brittany


Academy: Classification & Taxonomy of the Monster Family Tree (Lauren Ladley) - Le Chanticleer


When Does a Planet Become a Place? In the 19th century, Percival Lowell's “discovery” of canals helped to transform Mars from an abstract idea to a real place in popular imagination. Today, the Kepler Space Telescope has discovered hundreds of planets, some with the potential for life. At what point will those planets move from the abstract idea to actual places we dream of visiting? (L. Maudlin, B. Stoddard, D.L. Summers) - Windsor Rose

Visual Story Telling: Comics  & Graphic Novels. (D. Mettier, J. Oliver, J. Robinson, E. Shanower)-Brittany

Workshop: Writing Workshop-2hr (Will Morton) - Le Sommet

Academy: Creativity in A Box (The Iron Tailer) - Le Chanticleer

Fanfiction: From the Zines of Old to the Online Communities
(J. Graham, D. Mettier) - Brittany


Vampires and Zombies: Why Can't We Stop Telling These Stories
(J. Oliver, J.M. Perkins)-Windsor Rose

Academy: The Art of Drabbling (Colleen Kelly Burks)-La Chanticleer


Academy: Steampunk Fashion (D. Fernandez & T. Quirk)-Le Chanticleer


Academy: How to Stay out of Trouble (The Doctor)


Filk Concerts-Windsor Rose

Opening Ceremonies: Come Meet our Guests and enjoy some ice cream. - Le Chanticleer

Movies—Mars Short Film Festival (2hrs, 15mins) followed by Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of “The War of the Worlds” - LIVE ON STAGE (2006 UK) (1hr, 51mins) Presented by Gerry Williams-Clarendon


Filk Concerts continue-Windsor Rose

Dreadfully Punk Karaoke (See page 12) -Le Chanticleer



Presentation: Built for the Future (T. Bradely) - Windsor Rose

Workshop: The Exquisite Corpse - The Writing Edition (D. Hungerford)
-Le Sommet

Academy: Cryptozoology (J. Vaca) - Le Chanticleer

Magical Realism: How to Make the Fantastical Real. (J. Graham,
B. O'Connell) - Brittany


Academy: Stars, Planets & Time (Cosmo Lee Summers) - Le Chanticleer


Spotlight: S. M. Stirling - Windsor Rose

Academy: How to Make a Steampunk Telescope (D.L. Summers)
- Le Chanticleer

Staying in Character: Costume and roles. (J. Hay, S. Katz-Scher,
N. Williams III, Dr. K. Morse) - Brittany

Where's Gamora or Does Girl Money Have Cooties? Why are the women in genre movies removed from the merchandise? Why is a female audience seen as a bad thing? (A. Benson, T. Bradely)-Eaton

Workshop/Demo-2hr: Fight Like a Medieval Knight (S. Farrell)
-Outside near the Gazebo


Spotlight: Drake & McTrowell-Windsor Rose

Workshop: Language Creation-first half (J. Quijada, S. Sotomayor)
-Le Sommet

Heroes: The Good, the Bad, the Anti (J. Graham, D. Kollin, E Kollin,
B. O'Connell)-Brittany

Workshop: Unlock Your Inner Artist (Poplock Holmes)-Clarendon

Reading: Classic SF/F (W. Morton)-Galleria II


Academy: Xenoarchealogy 101 (River Song)-Le Chanticleer


Spotlight: Robert Welch:  The Wizard of Oz - From tornadoes to flying monkeys, a fun filled retrospective on effects and techniques developed by the pioneers of MGM –Windsor Rose

Academy: Arduino 101 (Oliver Von Bremen, "The Prussian")-Le Chanticleer

You Got Monsters in My Romance: A exploration of monsters we know and love (or at least want to snog) (D. Hungerford, D. Welch)-Brittany

Workshop: Knitting-2hr (Nancy Hay)-Clarendon

New Epidemics: The Impact of Anti-vaccination and Antibiotics Failure.
(R. Evans, J. Hay)


Begin Hour break for Language Creation Workshop


Spotlight: The Adventure Effect-Disney Bounding (S. Katz-Scher, N. Williams III)-Windsor Rose

Academy: The Life of a Steampunk Entertainer (Poplock Homles)-Le Chanticleer

Presentation: Real-Life SuperHero's (The Extreme Justice League): An interactive panel with some of San Diego's real life heroes who fight violence and crime on the streets of the city in costume, while also coordinating efforts to help the homeless of the city and acting as role-models for the young. Topics will include an overview of the RLSH movement as well as practical advice and experiences. (Midnight Highwayman, Grim, Emerald Fael, Freedom Fighter, Fallen Boy)-Brittany

The Future of Online Security: What are the complications of safeguarding our information with our move to cloud storage? (V. Vinge,
M. Wagner) - Eaton


Workshop: Language Creation-second half (J. Quijada, S. Sotomayor)-Le Sommet

Academy: Channeling & Psychic Emanations (Penelope Peacock)-Le Chanticleer


Spotlight: Justin Hoke-Windsor Rose

Academy: Potions (Sheila Darkheart)-Le Chanticleer

Playing in Sandboxes: From fanfiction, literature to comic, re-imagined fairytales, & media tie-ins (J. Graham, D. Mettier, E. Shanower)-Brittany

Workshop: Pew Pew Pew! Making a felt Ray Gun-$5.00 (A. Benson)-Clarendon

Diversity in Gaming: Why Social Issues are so Important-With the backlash of Gamergate, what can we do to encourage diversity in the gaming community from players to creators. (V. Harkema, L. McEuen, T. Nans)-Eaton


Academy: UNITe in Defense of the Earth (Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart)-Le Chanticleer


Presentation: Forbidden Planet  From robots to blasters, ID to Krell, a retrospective of  how the interstellar effects were achieved back in the 1950s for this cult

Academy: Lab-The Art of Drabbling (Colleen Kelly Burks)-Le Chanticleer

What Makes a Story YA: A good story captures the imagination of all but what elements make a story YA? (R. Brown, Dr. J.L. Doty, D. Kollin, E. Kollin)-Brittany

Chivalry in the Steampunk Era-Discover the roots of the "Art of Being a Gentleman" in the art, culture, and politics of the 19th and early 20th centuries. (D. Drake, S. Farrell)-Eaton


Academy: Language 101 for Time & Space Travellers (J. Quijada)-Le Chanticleer

Performance: Morton Bay Fig Dancers-Outside near the Gazebo


Academy: Xenoanthropology (Pending)


MoviesTBA Special Presentation (1hr, 38mins) and Moon Zero Two (1969 UK) (1hr, 40mins) Presented by Gerry Williams
-Windsor Rose

Drake & McTrowell's Hot Potato School of Writing (Drake & McTrowell, S. Smith, J. Swycaffer)-Le Sommet

Folklore, Fantasy, & Horror: What tales or legends of folklore have influenced your stories and art? (R. Brown, S. Dawe, S. Farrell, J. Graham)-Brittany

World Building: From environment, culture, and language. How do we build a complex and engaging world? (T. Bradley, D. Kollin, E. Kollin, S.M. Stirling, J. Quijada)-Eaton


Geek Prom (See page 12)



Worf Meets Whorf: Constructed Languages in SF/F (S. Potts, J. Quijada, S. Sotomayor)-Windsor Rose

Workshop: Writing Prompts-2hrs (D. Hungerford)-Le Sommet

Academy: How to Throw a Tea Party (Alice/Mad Hatter)-Le Chanticleer

Publishing Today: From traditional, Self-published, to hybrid (K. Gerard, H. Herz, S. Smith, J. Peterson), R.Paterson-Brittany

Hoarders, the Fan Edition:  “It's not a hoard—It's my collection!” When and where does collecting cross the line? Can we learn to control it, or should we just rent more storage units? (J. Graham, L. McEuen, J. Swycaffer)-Eaton

Starburnner Galactic Courier Service Induction-Outside near the Gazebo.


Academy: Numerystics (C. Weber)-Le Chanticleer


Presentation: Bad Science in Laser Weapons (Dr. J. L. Doty)-Windsor Rose

Academy: Mystic Art of Incense-Burning (Thurifer Koudou)-Le Chanticleer

Adult Readers of YA: Many YA series are beloved of adult readers. What draws them? (R. Brown, H. Herz, S. Smith, G. van Eekhout)-Brittany

Fandom Generations: How do we keep continuity for the older generations and reinvent ourselves to bring in the newer generations. The complaints and praises of the old guard and those growing up geek. (J. Graham, V. Harkema, L McEuen, B. Stoddard)-Clarendon

How Important are Language and Style?  How tone and POV affect story telling. (D. Kollin, E. Kollin, J. Robinson, D. Ross)-Eaton


Academy: Steampunk Media (K. Montegomery & C. Walsh)-Le Chanticleer


Mars with Canals, Venus with Oceans:  When science surpasses our earlier understandings. How does that affect the relevancy of early SF works? (S. Potts,  S.M. Sterling, J. Swycaffer, M. Wagner)-Windsor Rose

Presentation: The Alchemy of Making Foam Armor (A. Benson)-Le Sommet

Academy: Xenoarcheaology 102 (River Song)-Le Chanticleer

Sorting the Deluge: With the rise of YouTube, digital self-publishing , and print on demand how do we find the good stuff? (J. Oliver, J.M. Perkins, D. Ross)-Brittany

Has Science Lost its Credibility with too Many Americans, and How Serious is This? In our decade of climate change denial, anti-evolution, and anti-vaccination, what can science do to convince the public and influence public policy? (J. Graham, J. Hay, D. Kollin, E. Kollin)

Why are Jane Austen, Patrick O'Brian, and Georgette Heyer so Popular with Fans? Why do we love reading re-imagings of their work? (S. Rabinowitz, S. Smith, K. Thompson)-Eaton


Academy: Absinthe (K. Varner, M. Willet)


Inflate That Series: The first 2 books in my series are selling really well. I could make more money if I turned it into a tetralogy, or maybe 5 books. Oh what the heck, let's make it a 20-book series. I'll try not to die before it's done. Do we writers do and injustice to our readers when we do this? (Dr. J.L. Doty, J. Robinson, G. van Eekhout)-Windsor Rose

Academy: Klingon Language 101 (J. Quijada)-La Chanticleer

Political Horror Stories:  Dystopian Fiction-What has brought on the trend of dystopian futures? (S.M. Sterling, K. Thompson)-Brittany

The Singularity: The Nerd Rapture (V. Vinge, M. Wagner)

Developing the Screen Play: What does it take to write a script? (M. Donahue, L. Maudlin)-Eaton


Academy: Tea Dueling Demo (J. Hoke, G. Sherman)-Le Chanticleer



Self-publishing, What Really Happens: What options are out there? How to market your self-published books? Let's debunk some of the myths about self-publishing and Twitter, Facebook, discounted promotions, free giveaways, etc. (Dr. J.L. Doty, K. Gerard, D. Hungerford, D. Welch)-Windsor Rose

Mechanics of Basic Screenwriting (Gerry Williams)-Le Sommet

Academy: So You Want to Be My Companion? (The Doctor, 4th)-Le Chanticleer

ConDor Anthology-Will Morton is organizing a charitable anthology on behalf of ConDor. (Will Morton)-Brittany

Fanfiction: From the Zines of Old to the Online Communities
(J. Graham, D. Mettier, S. Rabinowitz)-Clarendon

Why is Hollywood So Crazy? How do those films get made anyway? What's the secret to making movies? How has the digital era changed film making? (M. Donahue, J. Peterson, R. Paterson,
J. Tait)-Eaton


The Last Hobbit Movie Panel: Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy has just ended. Now it is time to wrap up our ongoing discussion of the film franchise. Was it everything we hoped for or feared? What did we like and not like? Does it affect the way we look at his earlier Lord of the Rings trilogy? Here we go there and back again. (S. Potts, M. Underwood, J. Swycaffer, L. Maudlin)-Windsor Rose

Presentation: So You Want to Wear a Corset. (Lady Mari)-Le Sommet

What to Do When You Feel Like Quitting or Defeating the Writer's Block Gremlin: How to not give up on your story and get it done. (R. Evans, K. Gerard, J. Graham)-Brittany

Balancing Action & Characterization in Your Games:  How to engage both your Role Players and your Roll Players.  (L. McEuen, B. Stoddard, J Tait)


Closing Ceremonies: Come tell us what you thought.
-Windsor Rose




Guest of Honor

David Gerrold

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