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12:00 PM         

G Salon 2 How Do You Make Magic Magical Rather Than Cookbook in Games and Literature? If magic is totally chaotic, the lack of logic might undermine your fantasy and certainly it won’t work for gaming.  But if it is just too formulaic it can lose the “magical” feel.  What is a good balance?  What books and games have done it right? - Lillian Csernica(M), Amy Sterling Casil, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Arabella Benson, Jefferson P. Swycaffer

Clarendon Will We Miss Publishers When We Don’t Have Them? A lot of people self-publish today.  Will all writers eventually go to this?  The advantages and perils of dealing with a publisher. - Karen E. Taylor(M), Eric Shanower, David Ross, Kay Kenyon

1:00 PM            

G Salon 2 Disney Domination Is it a bad thing?  What will they acquire next?   - Janet Tait(M), J. M. Perkins, Kevin Gerard, Sue Dawe, Michael Underwood

Crescent   Romance Fantasy: Adapting the Elements Shannon Messenger(M), Sherwood Smith, Karri Thompson, Sherri Rabinowitz, Lillian Csernica

2:00 PM            

G Salon 2 The Art of War by Sauron Tsu A look at large-scale land warfare in Tolkien and other high fantasy.  How do the fantastic elements change strategies and tactics?   - David Ross, Jefferson P. Swycaffer(M), Amy Sterling Casil, William Stoddard, J. M. Perkins

Crescent   Costuming Outside the Bolt Using latex, foam, metal, plastics and other non-fabrics as the base of your costume. - John Hart, Sue Dawe, Kate Morgenstern(M), Arabella Benson

3:00 PM            

G Salon 2 Marketing Your Book Kevin Gerard(M), Karri Thompson, Janet Tait, Jonathan Maberry, Shannon Messenger

Clarendon  Dancing with the Devil Satan gets pretty good press these days. We'll look at how his image has changed over the centuries, and examine how writers portray him in modern media. Karen E. Taylor, Kevin Andrew Murphy, J. M. Perkins, Jean Graham, James Hay(M)

4:00 PM            

G Salon 1 The New Victorians: The Allure of the Antique to the Decidedly Modern. Why are so many modern folks are so enamored of the Victorian era? How do writers draw readers into a world of long-vanished manners and morals? Is writing in the Victoriana/Steampunk genre a matter of simply putting modern sensibilities on a Victorian stage? Is it possible to re-create the era and its people as much as possible and still have that modern je ne sais quoi? How does one follow the etiquette of the time, yet keep readers amused, rather than alienated?  Gail Carriger, Sherwood Smith, Anastasia Hunter(M), Allison Lonsdale,  Kay Kenyon

G Salon 2 The Physics of Time Travel Calvin Johnson(M), Michael Dennin, Will Morton, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Sherri Rabinowitz

Crescent   Workshop:  Knitting, Market Bag 4 oz. of yarn will turn into a beautiful and practical market bag.  Bring your own or use needles and yarn provided.  Free!  - Nancy Hay

5:00 PM            

G Salon 1 The Future of Publishing Amy Sterling Casil

G Salon 2 Superpower Challenge! Have you wondered which superpowers science tells us are achievable? When do superpowers fail? Can you think of a better superpower than has been thought of before? Challenge physics professor Michael Dennin to talk science about whatever superpower, magical skill, or item you think would be the best to have. See if he can meet the challenge and talk scientifically about any power you can think of.

Clarendon  Developing and Maintaining Romantic Relationships in Continuing Storylines Gail Carriger, Karen E. Taylor, Sherwood Smith(M), Lillian Csernica, Kay Kenyon

7:00 PM            

Clarendon  Extemporaneous Story Telling: “When I was young we didn’t allow vampires in our school” In honor of the ConDor Academy, the panel must develop stories based on the strange school environments/incidents suggested by the audience. - Will Morton(M), Chris Weber, Samantha Henderson, Christine Fonseca, Steven-Elliot Altman

La Chanticleer       Meet the Guests Ice Cream Social The Guests

8:00 PM            

Clarendon  Are You a Werewolf? Todd and the audience engage in a game to discover what happened to Fluffy, the beloved village rooster and all the hens he was guarding -- and why are there big, bloody paw prints?  Learn the true meaning of "silent as the grave" when dealing with the "Angels of Death." - Todd McCaffrey

G Ballroom            Dance Dance American Revolution Ball

Crescent   Music Fantastic Concert - see page 46

8:30 PM            

Le Summit Mars Short Film Festival We're pleased to present a festival of short Mars films, including the very first Mars-themed film ever: Thomas Edison's film "A Trip to Mars" from 1910. We'll also screen animated films, live action and dramatic pieces, and yes, even a handful of TV commercials! Come watch over two hours of the best (and shortest) films of the Red Planet. – Gerry Williams



10:00 AM

G Salon 1 Broad Appeal vs. the Personal Touch  The more standard a story’s structure, theme, and subject matter, the more potential there is to succeed in appealing to a wide readership in the best sense. Yet stories that seem to speak from the author’s heart come off as the most genuine and worthy. Too much broad appeal can make a story overly generic. Too much personal touch can make a story impenetrable and irrelevant.  - Sherwood Smith, Stephen Woodworth(M), Kelly Dunn, Dani Kollin

G Salon 2 Cogs Vs. Gogs: The Steampunk Costuming Spectrum John Hart, Arabella Benson, Anastasia Hunter, James Hay(M)

Crescent   Star Trek - Revival or Travesty Stephen Potts, Jean Graham, Gerry Williams(M), Michael Underwood, Sherri Rabinowitz

Clarendon  Readings Jonathan Maberry; Kevin Andrew Murphy,
              Lillian Csernica

Dealers     Autographs Elizabeth E. King, Karri Thompson

Galleria 1 Writing Workshop Participants can actually work on their WIP, or work on the exercise at hand.  - Ace Antonio-Hall

11:00 AM

G Salon 1 How Did Lovecraft Become Funny and Cuddly? H. P. Lovecraft created a mysterious world of nameless dread where humans were best off not even realizing the horrors surrounding them.  Some of his contemporaries reimagined a world where we might actually fight back.  How would either view today’s world in which Cthulhu is commanded by Eric Cartman or made into a fuzzy stuffed doll?  What other strange ways have we incorporated the unspeakable into fannish culture and media? - Stephen Woodworth, Samantha Henderson(M), Cody Goodfellow, Jenna Pitman

G Salon 2 What the Higgs Boson Means to Me Less than two years ago the discovery of the Higgs boson was announced. Last year Francois Englert and Peter Higgs were awarded the Nobel prize in physics for theoretical work leading to the eponymous particle.  Another Nobelist, Leo Lederman, wrote a book describing the Higgs boson as the "God particle." What is the Higgs boson, why is it important, and what does it mean for you and me? Calvin Johnson

Crescent   Hacking Your RPG – How to Modify the Rules to Suit Your Campaign William Stoddard(M), Eben Brooks, J. M. Perkins, Steven-Elliot Altman, Jefferson P. Swycaffer

Clarendon  Enduring Pop of Doctor Who Lynn Maudlin, Robert Evans, Kevin Grazier, Ron Oakes(M), Janet Tait

Dealers     Autographs Kelly Dunn, Matt Pallamary

12:00 PM

G Salon 1 GOH Q&A Gail Carriger

G Salon 2 How Is The Superhero Genre Changed When Brought To The Screen?         William Stoddard, Jonathan Maberry, Chris Weber(M), Janet Tait, Kevin Andrew Murphy

Crescent   Alien Invasions and Human Responses Vernor Vinge, Sheila Finch, Eytan Kollin, Lynn Maudlin, Cody Goodfellow(M)

Clarendon Roundtable:  My Obsolete Skills Are you a blacksmith?  Not much business anymore.  What interesting and unusual "obsolete" skills do you possess?  - Gerry Williams

Dealers     Autographs Kay Kenyon, Christine Fonseca

1:00 PM            

Courtyard              Morris Dancing

G Salon 1 Bring Me That Horizon: Exploration As Fantasy And Science Fiction Sometimes the goal is not to bring down an enemy or win a war.  Sometimes it is to voyage into the unknown to see what you find, to explore uncharted territories for wealth or country or even for knowledge. - Chris Butler(M), Calvin Johnson, Kay Kenyon, Shannon Messenger, Amy Sterling Casil

G Salon 2 How We Got to Saturn, and What Cassini is Finding What the robotic explorer has been discovering there. Hear of the historic achievements that led to interplanetary flight, share the latest discoveries by the Cassini Spacecraft and the Huygens Probe about Saturn and its rings, its large, atmosphere-enshrouded moon Titan and the other diverse moons, and hear plans for the mission's future.  - David F. Doody 

Crescent   Obsolete Science Fiction Tropes What common tropes of science fiction just seem quaint or silly today - Allison Lonsdale, David Ross, Tone Milazzo, Jefferson P. Swycaffer(M)

Clarendon  Zombie Makeup From Your Kitchen  The zombies have taken over the streets!  How will you go unnoticed?  Bet you wish you'd invested in that theatrical makeup kit now.  But all is not lost.  See how to camouflage yourself with materials found around your kitchen. - John Hart

Galleria 1 Fabrication of a watch chain - Lord Alexander's Watch Chain
This is a wire work class that uses hammers, pliers, cutters and files to make an 8" copper watch chain. Total cost of the class is $30.00 and includes all chain materials, pre-fabricated toggle and clasp (I make the toggle and clasp beforehand), and the use of my tools for the class.  I also provide safety glasses, since there will be some cutting of wire ends. Maximum class size is 10 students.   - Kyle Laird

Dealers     Autographs Peter Clines, Gail Carriger

2:00 PM            

G Salon 1 A Post Scarcity World Some postulate that with technological innovation people may “soon” not have to deal with poverty and other scarcity problems.  Is this achievable?  Even if the technology exists, will political and social factors prevent it?  What problems might humans create for themselves in such a world?  How has this been explored in literature such as Scott Westfield’s “Uglies” series? - Vernor Vinge, Amy Sterling Casil(M), Jenna Pitman, Eytan Kollin, Dani Kollin

G Salon 2 Olympia and The Turk: Automatons and Clockpunk Samantha Henderson, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Kelly Dunn(M), Sheila Finch

Crescent   Big Bang Theory:  Love it or Hate it? James Hay(M), Chris Weber, Kevin Grazier, Robert Evans, David Ross

Clarendon  Can You Bring Him Home to Mother? You think your last boyfriend was a monster.  Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies - is there anything beyond the pale in paranormal romance? A look at relationships with individuals who aren’t quite human.   How did we come to regard what used to be considered ravening monsters as prospects?  - Jean Graham, Karen E. Taylor,  Linda Thomas-Sundstrom(M), Shannon Messenger

Dealers     Autographs David F. Doody, Stephen Woodworth,

3:00 PM            

G Salon 1 Inventing Exotic Cultures How do authors and media scare you without you knowing what to be scared of?  - Gail Carriger, Kay Kenyon, Sheila Finch(M), Henry Lien, Lillian Csernica

G Salon 2 Fearing the Unseen Stephen Woodworth, Matt Pallamary(M),  Kevin Gerard, Eytan Kollin, Cody Goodfellow

Crescent   Fandom's Love/Hate Relationship with the Syfy Channel   Jean Graham, Peter Clines, Ron Oakes, Steven-Elliot Altman, Janet Tait

Clarendon  Comics Aren't Just for Superheroes Anymore    Allison Lonsdale, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, John W. Oliver, Michael Underwood

Dealers     Autographs  Chris Butler, Karen E. Taylor

Galleria 2 Autographs Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, Kendall Evans

4:00 PM            

G Salon 1 Victorian Dance Instruction  Russell Hedges

G Salon 2 Werewolves:  Sociology and Sociobiology Melding human and wolf social structures:  pack dynamics, mating customs, etc. -  Gail Carriger, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, Matt Pallamary, J. M. Perkins, Elizabeth E. King(M)

Crescent   Traditional, Indie, or Hybrid? How to choose your publishing path. James Matlack Raney(M), Sherwood Smith, Christine Fonseca, Henry Herz, Kevin Gerard

Clarendon  Are We Teaching Writing Properly In Our Schools?  Lillian Csernica, Will Morton, Laura Luchau(M), Stephen Potts, Jennifer Azantian

Galleria 1 Workshop: Ivy's Hatbox Adornments for your head.  Make and take kits with simple hats and supplies to trim them. Materials fee is $10-20 depending on the hat chosen.
Kate Morgenstern, Arabella Benson

Dealers     Autographs Eytan Kollin, Dani Kollin

5:00 PM            

G Salon 2 How to Pitch Film and Television Producers To Get Your Project Made. Steve has had tremendous success at pitching and selling his projects and he'll share his war stories and help you build the confidence you need to pitch and sell your work in Hollywood. - Steven-Elliot Altman

Crescent   If Wishes Were Horses:  Faustian Bargains, Genies and Monkey Paws. There is a long tradition of tales, and warning stories, of people who get their wish and live to regret it. Sometimes the wish is perverted, sometimes just unwise. Panelists discuss the traditional tales and modern variations.  Is it possible to wish the seamless wish? - Samantha Henderson, Vernor Vinge,  John W. Oliver(M), Jean Graham, James Hay

Clarendon  The Evolution of the Zombie:  On Screen, Literature and Comics Zombies used to be people controlled by Voodoo.  Then George Romero’s “ghouls” changed all that.  Now, in “Warm Bodies” a zombie actually starts to regain his humanity.  A look at how today’s hottest monster has and continues to change. - Robert Evans, Ace Antonio-Hall(M), J. M. Perkins, Jenna Pitman

Dealers     Autographs James Matlack Raney, Jonathan Maberry

Galleria 2 Autographs Sheila Finch, Todd McCaffrey, Kevin Grazier

7:00 PM            

Crescent   Delphic Oracle After Dark - Toddy McCaffrey(M), Eytan Kollin, Dani Kollin, J. M. Perkins, Allison Lonsdale, John Oliver, Jefferson P. Swycaffer

8:00 PM            

Crescent   Vintage Film H. G. Wells' "First Men in the Moon" (1964): Based on the HG Wells story. The world is delighted when a space craft containing a crew made up of the world's astronauts lands on the moon, they think for the first time. But the delight turns to shock when the astronauts discover an old British flag and a document declaring that the moon is taken for Queen Victoria proving that the astronauts were not the first men on the moon. - Gerry Williams

Garden Ballroom   Victorian/Steampunk Dance  

Clarendon  Filking Circle

9:00 PM            

La Chanticleer       Partypocalypse      


10:00 AM         

G Salon 1 My God is Smightier than your God: The Apocalypse in Theology & Mythology From the Book of Revelations to Ragnarok, the concept of the end of days is a major theme in religion and mythology. Come join us as we look at the different religious views of apocalypse around the world, and compare their similarities and differences. How have they been adapted in fantastic literature?  Elizabeth E. King, Eytan Kollin, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Michael Underwood(M), Jenna Pitman

Outside    Starburner Galactic Courier Service Official Induction Ceremony Starburner is a collection of unique individuals that enjoy steampunk and delight in experimenting with the steampunk design and development. Beginning in 2009, members of the steampunk community have been singled out and presented with achievement medals from the House of Hutsell for contributions in areas ranging from leadership and events coordination to gadgetry, costuming, music and general support of the community. The Starburner Galactic Courier Service is San Diego’s largest organization of steampunk makers. - Kim Hutsell

Crescent   Buffy:  10 Years After It has been over a decade since Buffy: The Vampire Slayer left the airwaves.  A discussion of this pop culture phenomenon which has engendered both rabid fandom and academic study.  - William Stoddard, Nancy Holder, Christine Fonseca(M), Robert Evans, Ron Oakes

Dealers     Autographs Henry Herz, J. M. Perkins

11:00 AM         

G Salon 1 Historical Research for Fantastic Literature Gail Carriger, Sherwood Smith, Alessa Ellefson, Eytan Kollin, Will Morton(M)

G Salon 2 The Mechanics of Basic Screenwriting From a Director/Producer’s point-of-view — What you need to do to turn your script over to filmmakers - Gerry Williams

Crescent   Fan Guest of Honor - My Fannish Life S.T.A.R. San Diego founder Jean Graham heads a round-table discussion on fandom and how each of us came to join its ranks. Love it or hate it (most of us have done both at various times!), fandom has influenced our lives in a multitude of ways. How did you find it? Come and share your story with fellow fandom-holics!

Clarendon  Incremental Superhumanity:  Advancing Humanity Stepwise Michael Dennin(M), William Stoddard, Sheila Finch, David Ross, Allison Lonsdale

Dealers     Autographs Kevin Gerard, Lillian Csernica

12:00 PM         

G Salon 1 Speculative Fiction for Kids - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Sci-fi, fantasy and horror books aren't just for adults. This all-star panel will discuss the fun and challenges of creating speculative fiction for younger audiences. - Henry Herz(M), Peter S. Beagle, Greg van Eekhout, Jonathan Maberry, Alessa Ellefson, Nancy Holder

G Salon 2 Sanitized Retrophilia We love fiction about past historical periods, but we don’t want to face up to their reality.  Women were subjugated.  Blacks were enslaved.  Life was just plain nasty to modern eyes.  Is making things “better” a good thing, trying to “correct” the past?  Or this just avoidance?  Can both accurate and sanitized literature coexist? - Sheila Finch, Sherwood Smith, Stephen Potts, Laura Brodian Freas(M), Tone Milazzo

Crescent   To Sail Above the Clouds: Airships David Ross, Vernor Vinge, Anastasia Hunter(M), John W. Oliver, Dani Kollin

Clarendon  Readings Kay Kenyon, Elizabeth E. King

Dealers     Autographs Ace Antonio-Hall, Roxyanne Young

1:00 PM            

G Salon 1 The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug What do we think of the latest translation of Tolkien to film?  What liberties were taken with the plot and characters?  Did the changes help or harm or just make it possible to make three movies? - Stephen Potts(M), Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Michael Underwood, Laura Luchau, Calvin Johnson

G Salon 2 The Undead Aren’t the Ones You Need to Look Out For  Interhuman conflicts in the zombie apocalypse. -            Ace Antonio-Hall, Jonathan Maberry, Peter Clines, J. M. Perkins, Jenna Pitman(M)

Crescent   Learning to Edit Your Own Work Gail Carriger, Karri Thompson, Dani Kollin(M), Chris Weber

Clarendon  Antiheroes and Outright Villains A lot of genre and even popular fiction today has protagonists ranging from non heroic to actively villainous (think “Breaking Bad”.)  Why are such characters so popular?  What do we see in them?  How do you make people actually care about such individuals?  - Kevin Andrew Murphy, Henry Lien(M), Jennifer Azantian, Tone Milazzo, Lillian Csernica

Dealers     Autographs Peter S. Beagle, Greg van Eekhout

2:00 PM            

G Salon 1 Secret Agent Stories in SF/Historical/Fantasy: Adapting Espionage Tropes Gail Carriger, Christine Fonseca, Tone Milazzo(M), John W. Oliver, Jefferson P. Swycaffer

G Salon 2 What Makes Zombies So Appealing? Sarah Eichhorn(M), Jenna Pitman , Michael Dennin, Nancy Holder, Chris Weber

Clarendon  Character Development Ace Antonio-Hall, Karri Thompson(M), Peter Clines, Kay Kenyon, Jennifer Azantian

Dealers     Autographs Cody Goodfellow, David Ross

3:00 PM            

Galleria 1 Workshop: Petite Puffy Parasols  Make a parasol (shaped drawer sachet/ornament/or pin) to protect you (your drawers, seasonal tree of choice, or outfit du jour). For a $5 fee you will get everything you need to make and decorate a miniature felt parasol  - Kate Morgenstern, Arabella Benson

G Salon 1 Creating Suspense As with gifts, anticipation can be the most satisfying thing about action and horror.  How do you get your readers/viewers on the edge of their seat? - Christine Fonseca, Will Morton(M), John W. Oliver, Lillian Csernica

G Salon 2 Would you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Jonathan Maberry

Crescent   I.M.H.O. Concert  The bardic rock band In My Humble Opinion (I.M.H.O.) presents their hit story-set Won't You Scatter My Ashes, a tale of desperation, mythic horror, and redemption. Featuring Eben Brooks' Internet-famous hit filk "Hey There Cthulhu", Won't You Scatter My Ashes has been a year-and-a-half in development.

Clarendon  Fridging  Stop the madness! Can we please have interesting back stories without torturing women? - Nancy Holder(M), Anastasia Hunter, Kay Kenyon, Laura Luchau, J. M. Perkins

Dealers     Autographs Vernor Vinge

4:00 PM            

G Salon 2 Convention Wrap-up Meeting




Guest of Honor

S.M. Stirling

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