ConDor Academy

Shield - ConDor AcademyWhat is ConDor Academy?

For over five years we’ve offered the very popular Hogwarts Continuing Education Classes. Last year we added a new course selection, “Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.” In 2014, we expanded to seven colleges: Hunger Games, MacGyvering, Magic, Preternatural, Steam, Sword & Shield, and Timey Wimey Physics. The Hunger Games and Sword & Shield Colleges was not offered in 2015.

How does it work?

Classes are 25 minutes long and are taught by a “professor.” Sometimes subjects are real (i.e., herbology, astronomy, ancient runes) and other times they’re completely silly (i.e., potions, muggle studies, entrails divination). Students will be able to major in a college and minor in a different college. They can earn an associate degree in their chosen major by attending a prerequisite number of classes. A handful of “PE” and lab classes will be 55 minutes in length. Students will turn in their completed class schedule at the end of the session for credit towards their chosen degree.