Handlery Hotel in Hotel Circle

950 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, CA 92108

Handlery Hotel

Attending ConDor?

Having too much fun?

Don’t want it to end?

ConDor and the Handlery Hotel in Hotel Circle have the perfect solution for you! Why not book yourself a room for the weekend?

Hotel rooms are $120 per night and parking is $4 per day – book your room today

Hotel Pool and Room View

If you are coming from out of town or, even if you are a local, there numerous advantages to staying at our hotel . No getting up at “the crack of dawn” only to get caught in traffic and miss that one class you really wanted. Find that “perfect” item in the Dealer’s Room? You won’t have to lug it all around the Convention! You can just take it back to your room and drop it off. Unavoidable costume faux pas? Surprise costume change? Your accommodations are right there for your comfort and convenience.

You can enjoy all the late night programming ConDor has to offer knowing your restful room is only steps away.