Adventure Effect

Sara Katz-Scher (ThatPrincessGirl) is an alumna of Northwestern University’s RTVF and Creative Writing for the Media programs. She is the co-founder and creative director of The Adventure Effect. A talented writer, Sara is an effortless storyteller, and her background in off-Broadway and filmmaking enhance her natural instincts for production. Sara is an expert in interactive storytelling, and is currently writing for the choose your own adventure app game, “Episode.” Sara is best known for her River Song, Rose Tyler, and Alice in Wonderland cosplays.

Neil A. Williams II (LostBoyCosplay) is a multi-talented visual artist, as well as a quick-witted performer. He is the co-founder and artistic director of The Adventure Effect. A professional graphic designer and photographer, Neil is a capable sculptor, and lends his skills to the production of the Adventure Effect’s costumes, props, and makeup. Neil is best recognized for his 11th Doctor, Mad Hatter, and Nightcrawler cosplays.