Dani Kollin

Critically acclaimed Prometheus-award winning siblings Dani and Eytan Kollin have drawn comparisons to the biting political themes of Heinlein and Rand and the grand space operas of Weber and Asimov. Their debut novel, The Unincorporated Man was designated a SyFy Essential and went on to win the 2010 Prometheus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel of the year. Their second and third novels, The Unincorporated War and The Unincorporated Woman were also nominated for the same award. The Kollin brothers’ fourth and final novel of the series, The Unincorporated Future was called, “smooth, thoughtful and compulsively readable” by Publishers Weekly, and a “satisfying wrap-up for series fans” by Kirkus Reviews. It too became a finalist for the 2013 Prometheus Award. A collection of their short stories, Grim Tales of the Brothers Kollin was recently released with Wordfire Press and their first YA novel, Chemistry, Chaos & Steam: A Magistery of Dunces can be found on wattpad.com.