Dr. Cat Roberts

Dr. Cat Roberts is an internationally recognized practicing physician by day and an actress by night. She is best known as Lt. Palmer in Star Trek Continues. Cat can be seen in Star Trek Continues episodes 3 and 4, with upcoming appearances in episodes 6 and 7. Cat is also known for playing Yeoman Rand in four episodes of The Red Shirt Diaries, Season 2. She has been recently cast in the movie Protocol 734 and will have a recurring role in the movie Stealing Sunrise 2: Malibu Trail. Her acting bucket list includes playing Lt. M’Ress, a klingon, and Dr. Andrea Cooper (Ben Mezrich’s Sex on the Moon). Cat currently lives in both San Diego and Phoenix. Her favorite hobby is 3D printing (ask her for glow-in-the-dark Star Trek earrings!). She loves mashed potatoes, carne asada from Lolita’s in San Diego, and crunchy Cheetos.

You can keep up with her work at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6536229

You can also follow her adventures via Twitter at: @idatedfabio