H. Paul Honsinger, J.D.

H. Paul Honsinger is the author of the “Man of War” Series, gritty Military Science Fiction novels with an age of sail flavor set in the year 2315. The books follow the adventures of the 28 year old wily Max Robichaux, skipper of the stealthy Penetration and Attack Destroyer USS Cumberland, along with his friend and ship’s Chief Medical Officer, the brilliant Dr. Ibrahim Sahin, during the Earth Union’s interstellar war against the Krag, implacable aliens who believe that their Creator-God has decreed that they must destroy the human race. Two books of the series, originally issued in self-published editions, are now available in new editions from 47North books: To Honor You Call Us and For Honor We Stand. Paul has completed the third volume, Brothers in Valor, which 47North will issue on June 30, 2015.

The adventures of Max Robichaux and Ibrahim Sahin will continue in the next series, already begun by Paul, the “Brothers of the Black Sky” Trilogy (tentative title). The planned books in this series are: To Stations My Lads, Our Courage Defiant, and Hearts of Steel. More volumes featuring these characters will follow in an indefinite series.

Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana on January 21, 1960, Paul is the son of Harvey G. Honsinger and Judith Arceneaux Honsinger. Judy still lives in the southwest Louisiana area, as does Paul’s younger sister, Kathlene Deaville. Harvey, who was a Western and Historical Novelist late in life, and who had careers as a Television Director and as an Agent, Supervisor, and Administrator with the Louisiana Department of Corrections, Division of Probation and Parole, passed away in 2012.

Paul was graduated from Lake Charles High School in 1978 where was Vice President of the Student Counsel (perhaps the only “nerd” in the history of the school to hold that office) and Captain of the school’s Speech and Debate Team. He received early recognition for leadership as one of the school’s delegates to American Legion Louisiana Boys State where he received the A.R. Choppin Award as the outstanding citizen of the 1977 Boys State session. He worked with Boys State for nine more years, becoming the Staff Academics Coordinator and returning for several years thereafter as a guest speaker. Paul also attended the Louisiana Governor’s Program for Gifted Children and later served in several faculty, staff, and administrative capacities with that organization, including Debate Instructor, Student Government Adviser, Dormitory Counselor, Head Dormitory Counselor, Administrative Consultant, and Legal Counsel. As the Program’s legal counsel, he drafted the legislation which gave the Program legislative recognition and formally established it as a Louisiana educational institution. See, Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:1989.1 et seq.

After attending Louisiana State University for one year, Paul transferred to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he focused on Political Science, History, and Economics, while writing for the Opinion page of The Michigan Daily. He holds a Bachelor of General Studies from that university. Paul also earned a Juris Doctor from Louisiana State University where he was a member and Associate Editor of the Louisiana Law Review. He practiced with a major firm in Louisiana before moving to Arizona where he practiced with major firms in Phoenix, a small firm in Bullhead City, and had his own successful sole practice in Lake Havasu City. Paul has also taught school, sold cars and trucks, driven school buses, written movie reviews for a weekly newspaper, and coached debate teams. He has a lifelong interest in space, science fiction, military history and tactics, Roman and Byzantine history, and international relations. He is a long-term cancer survivor, having made it through a bout with Stage IV B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1996. After six months of chemotherapy and a month of radiation treatments, Paul has been cancer free since January 1997. He currently lives in Lake Havasu City, Arizona with his wife, stepson, and two eccentric cats. His daughter majors in Music at a university in Southern California. He likes to dabble in Astronomy, collect handguns and pre-1960 military surplus rifles, and cook Cajun food for his family.