Karen Taylor

Hello, my name is Karen E. Taylor and I am a horror/paranormal author, with eight published novels to date and an eclectic assortment of short fiction which ranges from vampires to ghosts to telepathic, romantic dinosaurs. What can I say? I start out to write a story and, before I know what’s hit me, the main character turns spectral or grows fangs or wings. It’s what I do and what I love. I hope my readers feel the same.

In real life, I’m the mother of two sons and have been married for 37+ years. I’m owned currently by one cat, a predominantly white calico with just a touch of Maine Coon. I’m not sure what I was thinking — white cat hair is incompatible with my predominantly black wardrobe. But I love her anyway. In my spare time I make candles, plaster wall hangings and decor, and cosmetic creams/lotions. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and attended Grove City College where I studied for a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Communications. I’ve lived in all sorts of places, from Pittsburgh, to Grove City, to Richmond, to Laurel. I lived eight wonderful years in Los Angeles, but moved back to the east coast in 2011 and settled in a lovely condo in Alexandria, VA. In a few more years I hope to (fingers crossed) move back to the west coast, to retire in Northern California.