Marie Andreas

Marie Andreas Marie is a fantasy and science fiction reader with a serious writing addiction. If she wasn’t writing about all the people in her head, she’d be lurking about coffee shops annoying total strangers with her stories. So really, writing is a way of saving the masses. Her first fantasy series, The Lost Ancients, starts with The Glass Gargoyle. Books two, three, and four: The Obsidian Chimera, The Emerald Dragon, and The Sapphire Manticore, are all available now. The six book series will continue in 2017 and 2018.
A space opera trilogy, The Asarlai Wars, launched with Warrior Wench, and the Victorious Dead.

When not saving the masses from coffee shop shenanigans, Marie likes to visit the UK and keeps hoping someone will give her a nice summer home in the Forest of Dean. To find out more about the books, and future series, please visit her website at–especially if you happen to have a small cottage to give her.