About Us

A Brief History

1993 ~ Just when you thought science fiction conventions were extinct in San Diego, one appears out of nowhere. Sci-fi conventions in Southern California were once like the California Condor – an endangered species. However, just like the bird, they’re making a come-back! Con-Dor is San Diego’s newest science-fiction media and literature convention, put together by the California Association for the Advancement of Speculative Media (C.A.A.S.M.), a non-profit organization.

Thus was the beginning of ConDor in 1993. And what a start this fledgling convention had with Octavia Butler as the Literary GOH and J. Michael Staczynski as the Media GOH, good timing as Babylon 5 debuted just 2 weeks earlier. The Town and Country Hotel was the venue and remained so for years to come. Dianna Hildreth did a superb job as chairperson, bringing with her an experienced committee. Con-Dor was so much fun, the crazed committee decided to do it again.

1994 ~ Back again for three days of fun and friends at the Town and Country Hotel. Our Literary GOH was Jerry Pournelle, writer and lecturer, with aerospace industry experience that included the NASA Mercury and Gemini Projects. Rick Sternbach, our Media GOH, was the Senior Illustrator and Technical Consultant on both Star Trek: TNG and Star Trek: DS9.

Programming expanded to four tracks. Casino Night at the Tiki Hut, Regency Dancing (a continuing favorite), and a Scavenger Hunt where the hunter is also the hunted were just a few of the activities scheduled for this year. Franz Joseph, writer of The Star Trek Technical Manual and The Star Trek Blueprints from the original series was a guest. Unfortunately, he passed away only 3 months later. He was a warm, kind, and generous person and ConDor II was very lucky to have him as a guest.

1995 ~ ConDor III was the best attended in it’s 12 year history, likely due to the impressive guests. Most notable was Jerry Doyle, also known as Security Chief Michael Garibaldi on TV’s Babylon 5, a show extremely popular in science fiction fandom. Jennifer Roberson, popular fantasy author, was our Literary GOH. Our third GOH was John Iacovelli, Production Designer for Babylon 5. Hmmm, can you sense a theme here?

ConDor is a project of C.A.A.S.M.

The California Association for the Advancement of Speculative Media, Inc. (C.A.A.S.M.) is an IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit corporation. Its purpose is to promote an interest in the speculative fiction media (science fiction and fantasy), and provide opportunities to educate and broaden public awareness of this genre. ConDor is run under the auspices of C.A.A.S.M. in partial fulfillment of that purpose.

ConDor Guest of Honors

1993 Author GOH Octavia Butler Media GOH J. Michael Stracynski
1994 Author GOH Jerry Pournelle Media GOH Rick Sternbach
1995 Author GOH Jennifer Roberson Media GOH Jerry Doyle John Iacovelli
1996 Author GOH Kim Stanley Robinson
1997 Author GOH Lois McMaster Bujold Media GOH Lolita Fatjo
1998 Author GOH Harry Turtledove Special Guests Penny Juday Mark Allen Shepherd Karen Westerfield
1999 Author GOH Tim Powers Special Media Guest Lara Parker
2000 Author GOH Vernor Vinge Special Media Guest David Allen Books
2002 Author GOH Will Shetterly Author GOH Emma Bull Special Media Guest Robert Trebor
2003 Author GOH Mike Resnick
2004 Author GOH Robert Silverberg Author GOH Karen Haber
2005 Author GOH John Varley Special Media Guest Armin Shimerman
2006 Author GOH Christopher Stasheff Artist GOH Theresa Mather Special Media Guest Ronald B. Moore
2007 Author GOH Eric Flint Artist GOH Tim Kirk
2008 Literary GoH Timothy Zahn Media GoH Ellen Muth
2009 Literary GoH Todd McCaffrey Media GoH Amber Benson
2010 Author GoH CJ Cherryh Media Ghost of Honor Ross Martin Literary Ghost of Honor Jules Verne
2011 Author GoH Gregory Benford Special Guest Herbert Jefferson Jr
2012 Author GoH Lowell Cunningham Artist GoH Mike Bocianowski
2013 Author GoH Connie Willis
2014 Author GoH Gail Carriger Fan GoH Jean Graham
2015 Author GoH S.M. Stirling Special Guests Chief Inspector Erasmus Drake and Dr. “Sparky” McTrowell The Adventure Effect Justin Andrew Hoke Robert Welch
2016 Literary GoH David Gerrold Fan GoH Bjo and John Trimble
2017 Literary GoH Barbara Hambley
2018 Literary GoH Cidney Swanson