Michelle E. Lowe

Michelle E. Lowe is a Georgia born native who has spent most her life near the Atlanta area before pulling up stakes and moving clear across the country with her husband, Ben, and her two daughters. History piques her interests, especially European history. She loves reading science-fiction and fantasy stories and enjoys old B horror and fun adventure films. She also gets a kick out of playing classic Atari video games and does oil painting as a hobby.

Michelle is a daydreamer and animal lover. She has two trouble-making cats, Nico and Max, and one very demanding guinea pig.

Her works include several published novels such as The Warning, Cherished Thief, Atlantic Pyramid, and children’s books, Poe’s Haunted House Tour, and The Hex Hunt series. Her latest published escapade is a steampunk/fantasy novel, titled Legacy, Legacy-The Reunion, and Legacy-The Underground the first three of a six book series.