PC Gaming featuring Artemis Bridge Simulator

So cool news, our custom Kobayashi Maru senario has been re-vamped to be even closer to the movie experience! Big thanks to Amanda for working through it’s code with me and getting the bugs worked out. 

This will be available to people who have spent some time running through the simulator with us through out the con and are looking for a challenge. 

Audio clips from the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan have been imported into the game to really make you feel like you’re in the movie’s simulator.

This year you can really get into your roles, literally, with custom Artemis vests with your role badge on them!

Artemis is a multiplayer, multi-computer networked game for Windows computers. Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together. One computer runs the simulation and the “main screen”, while the others serve as workstations for the normal jobs a bridge officer might do, like Helm, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon

Artemis is a social game where several players are together in one
room (“bridge”) , and while they all work together, one player plays
the Captain, a person who sits in the middle, doesn’t have a workstation, and tells everyone what to do.

San Diego LAN is a group of people who love getting together and playing PC games over LAN. We always balance the teams and we have a very friendly bunch, (typically ages 18 to 45).

They regularly host free LAN events bi-weekly, as well as the occasional large event 2-3 times a year. And also play games requested by attendees. Popular ones are TF2, League of Legends, DoTa 2, StarCraft 2, CS:GO, Planetside 2, OIerwatch, Supreme Commander, and more.

Find out more: www.SanDiegoLAN.net