Hall Activites

Why do you go to conventions? For badge ribbons, of course! Some ribbons will be available at Hall Activities Table, some on certain days of the convention, some from various programming rooms and some from people roaming the convention floor, plus at least one ConDor sponsored badge ribbon.

The Hunt continues

Companions are missing, kidnapped by the evil Cybermen, Daleks & Weeping Angels. It’s up to U.N.I.T., TORCHWOOD and the Time Lord to capture the evil kidnappers and rescue the Companions. Stop by the Hall Activities Table to join in the Hunt for the Companions. Do you enjoy Quidditch? We have Quidditch position ribbons. Just put together a full team and present yourselves to the Hall Activities table to collect your ribbons. If you want more than one position ribbon, you must create an all new team. Check in at our Hall Activities table in the Dealers’ room for more about our Ribbon games. Good Hunting!

Hall Costume Awards

ConDor has always encouraged costuming and this year is no different. Here’s your chance to wear your costumes for all to see. Put on your corsets, wizard robes, capes, boots, goggles and hats and have fun walking the catwalk of the ConDor star system. During the course of the convention there will be roaming judges handing out Hall Costume Award badge ribbons to acknowledge your creativity and hard work.

ConDor People Bingo

Once again we present People Bingo, the hall activity. The object of the game is to collect signatures of attendees, guests and staff who meet the criteria of any one square on the People Bingo “card”. You may not sign your own card. Anyone may only sign one square on a card. There will be two cards handed out in the ConSuite. Card I will be handed out 11AM Friday thru 2 PM Saturday, or until they run out. Card II will be handed out 3 PM Saturday thru 2 PM Sunday. Only one card, of each type, per person. Complete a bingo (complete a row, column or diagonal) and bring it to the ConSuite for a badge ribbon. Bring in a completely filled in card by the deadline and receive a ribbon and $1 ConDor Buck. Special daily prize for the first person to bring in a completely filled out Card I on Friday or a completed Card II on Saturday will receive a $5 ConDor Buck.