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Future Foods: It’s not what the Jetsons foresaw. Hybrids, genetically engineered plants and animals, single-celled proteins, and vat-grown meat are on the horizon. What will this mean for the human diet and what will be the political fallout? Crystal Ballroom (Laura Brodian Freas Beraha, Robert Mitchell Evans, Buzz Dixon)

Writers’ Workshops: Help, hindrance, or a complete waste of time? It all depends on your outlook. Workshoppers talk about why it was helpful for them, and how it may help you. Garden I (Marie Andreas, Cynthia Diamond, Jean Graham, Deen Ferrell)

Taking Hold of the Story: From Fanfic, Fanfilms, to CosPlay: different ways fans interact creatively with their fandoms.  Garden II (J’nae Rae Spano, Arabella Benson, Sherri Rabinowitz, Connor Breen, Sara Katz-Scher, Sue Dawe)

ConLang Workshop: Esperanto. 2hrs. Balboa (Will Morton)


Invasion from Earth!: The Robotic Exploration of the Red Planet Mars. Mars is a very busy place for exploration these days with 6 active spacecraft in orbit and three down on the surface of the red planet. Take a look at all the different robotic craft and their missions, as well as the next several planned missions by all the spacefaring nations of Earth.  Crystal Ballroom (Gerry Williams)

How Many Characters is Too Many?: Do we need to know what every son of Westros is doing? Are we just confusing readers? Garden II (J.L. Doty, Tone Milazzo, H. Paul Honsinger, Janet Tait)


TradeMark Trolls: Last year a handful of indie authors attempted to trademark single words or common tropes. Twitter lit up with discussions and exposed other bad practices, such as book stuffing, and search-and- replace versions of the same story. A discussion of ethical behavior in self-publishing. Crystal Ballroom (J’nae Rae Spano, J.L. Doty, Janet Tait)

Just What is a Story, Anyway?: A look at what a story is, isn’t, and can’t be. Garden I (Sherri Rabinowitz, Cynthia Ward, H. Paul Honsinger, Marla Anderson, Buzz Dixon)

The Wonder I Choose to See:  One of the greatest tools an author can bring to his/her craft is an ability to see from a viewpoint that is both unusual and unique. Can a distinctive voice be cultivated by learning to peel away the common and mundane elements around us, and instead, choosing to see a hidden world of beauty and treasure, buried around us in plain view? Come to a an immersive, interactive journey, stripping away limits from a world we have  been taught to see in order to find a view where wonder can come to be. Balboa (Deen Ferrell)

Applied Nonsense with Alice & Hatter Alice and Hatter teach Nonsense in its many forms. ConDor Academy Gen Ed.  Club (Alice, Hatter)


Just Be Kind: A frank and honest discussion about how it has become more commonplace for people to treat others without respect by being mean and hurtful. Even in our fandoms, this holds true; social media has amplified bullies and opinionated people without manners, etiquette or any sense of compassion. “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”…if the Doctor can come to this realization, shouldn’t we follow that example? We’ll discuss ways we can all contribute to a better fan experience in our lives.  Garden I (Andrew Elkin)

The Mechanics of Basics Screenwriting: What you should know and do when you write your screenplay- from a director’s/producer’s perspective.  Balboa (Gerry Williams)

Potions Class with Professor Snape: Students will concoct a potion from ingredients and write down the recipe for their own potion creation. Best Potion wins bragging rights and Potion Master’s Assistant Certificate.  ConDor Academy Magic  Club (Professor Snape)


The Fish-Bowl Social Media: Are we sharing too much of ourselves over social media? What compels us to post pictures of all our adorable kids, pretty flowers, restaurant meals, dogs and cats? How do you use your Social Media pages? Crystal Ballroom (Jean Graham, J.L. Doty, Robert Mitchell Evans, Arabella Benson, David Ross)

Eye of the Beholder: Fantasy and Science Fiction are full of romances between humans and non-human sentient races, and on occasion between two non-human races. Why do we accept some and reject others? What is the appeal? What do they tell us about ourselves? Garden I (Michael Underwood, Sherwood Smith, Cynthia Ward, Deborah Flores, Janet Tait, Sue Dawe)

Wand Dueling 102- Outsmarting Your Opponent: The etiquette, stance, spells and strategies for proper wand dueling. Wands permitted as Dueling will happen. ConDor Academy Magic Club (Newt Scamander)


River Song: Stranger Than Fiction: Visit the doctor’s favorite planet Earth and learn about some of the weird aliens that inhabit it. Are they real or are they something the writers made up?  Can you spot the ones that have been used as the basis for some of the characters in Doctor Who? ConDor Academy Timey Wimey Club (Prof. River Song)


Sing-A-Long with Doc Phineas in the Crystal Ballroom

The Celt and Gaelic in Fantasy: How much influence do they have on Fantasy? Garden I (J’nae Rae Spano, J.L. Doty, Will Morton)

Role Play in RPGs: What ways can players make the characters come alive in Table Top RPGs. From accents, pantomime, to detailed character histories. Garden II (Tone Milazzo,  Jordan Munn, Marc Biagi)

Rogue Read and Critique: Please bring 1200-1500 words for an informal and supportive critique session. Participants will read aloud their works and get feedback in a modified Milford Method. 2hr to 3hrs. Balboa  (Robert Mitchell Evans)


Pajama Party: Classic Saturday Morning Cartoons 3hrs Crystal Ballroom



Autonomous Automobiles: The technology is out there already; how long before they are tested enough to be trusted? Crystal Ballroom (Robert Mitchell Evans,  David Ross, Marc Biagi, Janet Tait, Buzz Dixon)

Phantastic Fiction Workshop:  Matthew J. Pallamary’s popular Phantastic Fiction Workshop has been a staple of the Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference and the Southern California Writers’ Conference for over twenty five years. He has also lectured at numerous other venues and led his own weekend intensive workshops. Matt has spent extended time in the jungles, mountains, and deserts of North, Central, and South America, pursuing his studies of shamanism and ancient cultures. Through his research into both the written word and the ancient beliefs of shamanism, he has uncovered the heart of what a story really is and integrated it into core dramatic concepts that also have their basis in shamanism.  Balboa (Matt Pallamary)

Stranded & Afraid: Your shuttle has crashed on an inhospitable planet and you are only able to grab one item before the shuttle explodes. Did you make the right choice? Will you survive? Probably not, but maybe you can learn to die with Honor in this survival training session. ConDor Academy IDIC.  Club (Fleet Adm K’Han Den)

Reading:  Henry Lien Director


Living you Best Symbiont Life: Are you thinking about becoming implanted with a symbiont? Come and find out if it’s the life for you! You will find out what being a host entails, what life with your Symbiont will be like and what you can expect. ConDor Academy IDIC. Club ( Prof Solabar Dux)


The Cryptic Continuum: We live in a world where books are in trouble. Enormous pressures, from the continual proliferation of digital devices to the incessant drone of social media, are changing the way words are viewed and consumed. Content is becoming marginalized and authors are finding friendly venues to be fewer and farther between. What are we to do? Step back and let the lure of the library become a thing of the past?…Not if I can help it! Welcome to the revolution! Books need you. Books are crying out to you. Join the Cryptic Continuum, and “we shall this day light such a candle, by God’s grace…as shall never be put out!” Crystal Ballroom (Deen Ferrell)

I Don’t See No Stinkin’ Climate Change: Science fiction in books and movies has warned about the dangers of nuclear war and radiation, genetic experimentation and over-population, but has it fallen down when it comes to climate change and the current trend to deny scientific observation and reporting? Garden I (J.L. Doty, Robert Mitchell Evans, Stephen Potts, Keith Henson, Jim Hay)

MythCon- A Different Kind of Con: San Diego is hosting the Mythopoeic Societies 50th Con. Come learn how this convention is both similar and different from the SF/F Cons we know and love. Garden II (Lynn Maudlin)

Creative Branding: Create memorable author readings/presentations with props, costumes, and original songs. A thorough analysis about how each element solidifies the Author’s Brand. Balboa (Henry Lien)

yol vegh ghar gabna’Daj: When it comes to negotiation, a Klingon chooses to fight, not negotiate, and the best tool is the bat’leth. Come experience a brief class on the art and usage of this weapon of Honor.  ConDor Academy IDIC. Club (Fleet Adm K’Han Den)

Reading: H. Paul Honsinger Director

Autograph: Vernor Vinge Crystal Foyer


SGC Archeology- Translating Ancient 101: There are many aspects to Archeology, but the first step is learning to translate and understand ancient and alien text. This class will give Cadets the very basics on the language of the Ancients. ConDor Ancients. Club (Brig Gen Devonshire,  Col Aisling O’Neill)


Ghost Busting 101: Doc Phineas, a renowned psychic featured on Haunted Hospitals on BBC, will share his techniques and real ghost stories featured on the hit show on BBC Discovery. Crystal Ballroom (Doc Phineas)

Media Canon vs Literature Canon: A discussion in how widely the story can vary between the mediums. Garden I (J’nae Rae Spano, Kimberly Unger, Sherri Rabinowitz, Marc Biagi, Lynn Maudlin)

Dysgenetics: The Deterioration of The Human Race. It has been long argued by many that the human race is getting “soft” over the generations, with increasing numbers of individuals able to survive and procreate despite genetic defects. Kornbluth’s “The Marching Morons” and the movie “Idiotocracy” postulate futures where the human race has grown increasingly stupid. But humans are a lot larger and perhaps stronger than their remote ancestors and some indicators show that humans are actually getting smarter. What is the reality? How has this been explored in genre fiction? Garden II (Henry Herz, Gary Westfahl, Keith Henson)

Staying Sane while Writing:  Tips about Health, Journaling, Prompts, Marketing, Balancing Life, Author’s Brand, and more! Balboa (Demi Hungerford)

SGC Mission Reports: Pegasus Galaxy: All SGC and SGA team members must fill out a Mission Report after each mission.  This class will teach SGC Cadets how to fill one out, then present a scenario from one team member’s POV.  After this, all cadets will have 15 minutes to fill out a report and submit it to General Devonshire for review. ConDor Academy Ancients. Club ( Brig Gen Devonshire, Col Aisling O’Neill)

Autograph: Henry Lien Crystal Foyer


Space Navies and Space Marines: How naval and marine are they, and how naval and marine should they be? Crystal Ballroom (J’nae Rae Spano, J.L. Doty, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Vernor  Vinge, David Ross, H. Paul Honsinger)

The Hero in The Mirror: From the start of the entire parallel universe genre we have been fascinated by the ‘evil’ counterparts to our heroes. Why are fans so interested in the hero’s shadow and what does that say about evil’s nature? Are our heroes only heroes by virtue of their environment or are there crucial choices still within their options that determine their eventual moral natures? Garden I (Kimberly Unger, David Raiklen, Robert Mitchell Evans, Karen Wilson, Matt Pallamary, Deen Ferrell)

So You Want to Be _______ or A(n) ________: What resources and organizations are there for creating your costumes and CosPlays in your favorite Fannish universes? Garden II (Andrew Elkins, Veronica Swarens, Jordan Munn, Connor Breen, Sara Katz-Scher,  Shane Holly)

Not Another Prompt: Creating SF/F Through Other Means: Creating unique science fiction/fantasy story concepts, utilizing unusual techniques including surrealist parlor games, meditation, and role-playing. Developed for Clarion. Balboa (Henry Lien)

Selecting Your SG Team 101: Cadets will be given the basic building blocks for choosing a successful and top notch SG Team.  From the team mission and fighting capabilities to scientific knowledge and team dynamics, every aspect of each candidate must be carefully considered. ConDor Academy Ancients. Club   (Brig Gen Devonshire,  Col Aisling O’Neill)

Reading: Henry L Herz Director


The Art of the Wand: Exploring wand making from raw materials, design and magical properties.  ConDor Academy Magic Club  (Prof Albus Dumbledore)


Those Who Brought Us Our After-school and Saturday Cartoons: Join the creators of some of our old school favorites  and learn what it takes to bring them to us. Crystal Ballroom (Buzz Dixon, Karen Wilson)

I Feel Like Talking: Podcasts are a way to express yourself, but how do you get started, how do you distribute and how do you listen? Is this a possible new way to spread your writing to the world? And is there a financial model that can get the writer paid? Garden I (Daniel Cortopassi, Matt Pallamary, Tone Milazzo, Sherri Rabinowitz, Cynthia Ward)

Creepy Serial Killer: Guy or just plain nasty bad guy? Garden II (J.L. Doty, Robert Mitchell Evans)

ConLang Workshop: Quenya & Sindarin. 2hrs. Balboa (Will Morton)

Magic with Merlin: Merlin teaches magic tricks and possibly a bit of science. ConDor Academy Magic. Club (Merlin)

You Got Romance in My Fantasy: Can mixing genres work for you? Director (Demi Hungerford, Marie Andreas, Cynthia Diamond, Deen Ferrell, Janet Tait, Marla Anderson)

Autograph: Henry L Herz Crystal Foyer


Music to our Ears: Favorite Science Fiction Soundtracks. A fast-paced tour of beloved and iconic Science Fiction and Fantasy scores. Behind-the-scenes video from classic films and awesome music from the cinematic masters. Science fiction gives us chart-topping hits and innovative ideas to explore with amazing insights. An interactive presentation with audience requests! Crystal Ballroom (David Raiklen)

Good and Evil in Tolkien’s Works: From the Silmarillion to the end of the Lord of the Rings, we see examples of the good races being capable of evil and redemption, yet orcs and trolls aren’t capable of good. Why is Middle-earth a grey and black world? Garden I (J’nae Rae Spano, Stephen Potts, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, H. Paul Honsinger, Lynn Maudlin, Michael Underwood)

Invasion of the Cell Phone Zombies!: Preoccupation with our smart phones can sometimes have grim — even fatal — consequences. When is enough enough? Garden II (Kimberly Unger, Jean Graham, Karen Wilson, Matt Pallamary, Vernor Vinge, Gary Westfahl)

Doc Phineas: Victorian History of Paranormal Studies: Doc will trace the history, development, and causes of the Victorians’ obsessions with paranormalism. Doc graduated from the Theosophical School of Wisdom in Adayar, India, while residing in the mansion of Madame Blavatsky. The session will concluded with a Victorian Seance.  ConDor Academy Magic Club (Doc Phineas)

Reading: Keith Henson Director


Spotlight-Buzz Dixon: Come learn about the work he’s done through a Q&A Crystal Ballroom (Buzz Dixon)

Drawing from Non-European Folklore and Myth: Fantasy draws mainly from the traditions of Northern Europe and the British Isles. What other cultures might we take inspiration from? Garden I (Jean Graham, Henry Herz Tone Milazzo, Henry Lien, Cynthia Ward, Deborah Flores)

Adapting Victorian Science: What are some of the more interesting Victorian scientific concepts and potential technologies that can be adapted for Steampunk? Garden II (Stephen Potts, Jim Hay)

Tasseography-Your Future in a Cup: An explanation of Tasseography with instruction for the divination of the future by use of tea leaves. Several students will get their tea leaves read and may then read the futures of the others. ConDor Academy Magic Club (Prof Sybill Trelawney)  

Autograph: H. Paul Honsinger Crystal Foyer


Workshop: Voice Over 1.5hrs Balboa (Marc Biagi)


Spotlight-Doc Phineas: Came learn about ConDor’s favorite Steampunk’s current projects. Crystal Ballroom (Doc Phineas)

Trial by Twitter: Increasingly people are being tried and convicted in the Court of Public Opinion. What has happened to Due Process in our Social Media connected world? Garden I (J.L. Doty, Robert Mitchell Evans, Janet Tait, Lynn Maudlin)

Quidditch 101- The Bare Essentials: Learn the game, positions, rules and   equipment, then play a practice scenario of the game: enough to get you ready for try outs. ConDor Academy Magic Club (Prof Oliver Wood)

Autograph: David Raiklen Crystal Foyer


Bill & Ted-  Air Guitar: Dudes! Join Bill and Ted as they instruct the class on Air Guitar basics. Learn how to play with these most excellent dudes! ConDor Academy Timey Wimey Club (Profs Bill S. Preston, ESQ and Ted “Theodore” Logan)


ConDor’s Got Talent, followed by Movies. 4hrs. Crystal Ballroom


Open Filking: Come sit, sing, and/or listen. 2hrs


The Art of Sue Dawe: A presentation of art. Balboa (Sue Dawe)



Fannish Vacation Destinations: Theme Parks, D&D stays, AirBnB’s.  Other than Cons, what other options are out there? Crystal Ballroom (J’nae Rae Spano)

Interfaith Service Lead by Jean Graham and Will Morton Garden II

Illustration Workshop: Read a science fiction story and learn how to think like an illustrator. No drawing experience needed: using stick figures you’ll put your ideas on paper and discuss them with Chesley Award winning illustrator and Illustrators of the Future Contest judge Laura Freas Beraha. Limit 10 people Balboa (Laura Freas Beraha)

Red Shirt 104- Now you’re security, what next?: Welcome to the only class you’re going to need. Do you love following orders? Is your shirt red? If you hesitated just enough then this class is for you. ConDor Academy IDIC Club (Prof Wurth Lesterman)

Girl power- props and costumes:  A panel of girls who build their own stuff. Director (Veronica Swarens, Jordan Munn, Kit Leitmeyer)


Fan Dueling- An elegant way to fight: Dueling is often a violent sport or a way to settle an argument.  Students will learn the finer art of Dueling with Hand Fans. Men and Women are encouraged to participate.  There will be duels and there will be fans. ConDor Academy Steam  Club (Capt. Kinvarra Devonshire)


Terraforming: We need to look to the future of leaving our world, but can we make another world habitable? Or do we think it will remain a SF trope? Crystal Ballroom (Kimberly Unger, Stephen Potts, Gerry Williams, Gary Westfahl, Marc Biagi, H. Paul Honsinger)

Humor in Writing: It’s not easy being funny! Garden II (Marie Andreas, Cynthia Diamond, J.L. Doty, Jefferson P. Swycaffer)

Sherri Rabinowitz Presents: Joe Chronos-a radio play. Balboa (Sherri Rabinowitz)

Doc Phineas- Defense of the Dark Arts: Doc Phineas is the Grand Wizard of the Ministry of Steam. He will be sharing his techniques from his personal book of Shadows in defense against dark wizardry. This is a wand class so please bring your wand. He will also demonstrate his personal system of wand dueling as Wizard of the Steampunk International Wand Dueling Society. ConDor Academy Magic Club (Doc Phineas)

Reading: Buzz Dixon Director


Media  Interviews for Creative People: As a former print and radio journalist and attorney who has conducted or given hundreds of media interviews, I work with participants on how to give interviews for newspapers, radio, and TV about their work. I give pointers, but also spend more than half of the workshop asking questions to audience members and helping them learn how to shape their answers so that they meet the different needs of TV, radio, or print. Crystal Ballroom (H. Paul Honsinger)

CosPlay Over 30 Shane Holly, Andrew Elkins, Veronica Swarens, Kit Leitmeyer, Jim Hay, Sara Katz-Scher, Chad Hatter Garden II

ConLang Workshop:  Klingon. 2hrs Balboa (Will Morton)

Prof Quedgeley presents Tom Riddler’s Scavenger Hunt: Students must answer the professor’s riddles to find the missing items. ConDor Academy Magic. Club (Prof Viola Quedgeley)

Autograph: Buzz Dixon Crystal Foyer


How Epic?: Planning a sprawling tale. Crystal Ballroom (J.L. Doty, Sherwood Smith,  H. Paul Honsinger, Janet Tait)

Mad Hat Tea: Ticket event. 2hrs Garden I

Space, there is a lot of it out there: An open conversation with the Doctor about Space, and the star system in which his favorite planet – the Earth – is located. A group discussion followed with a short quiz. ConDor Academy Timey Wimey. Club  (12th Doctor)

Autograph: Sherri Rabinowitz Crystal Foyer


Earth- An Extraordinary Planet:  An open conversation with the Doctor about his favorite planet – the Earth. The Doctor will discuss what he likes about the planet and its inhabitants. Test at the end. ConDor Academy Timey Wimey Club  (4th Doctor)


Whose God is Talking?: Will Christian, Jewish or Muslim faiths survive in an expansion into space? If we meet alien races, what effect will their beliefs in an alien god have on us? Crystal Ballroom (Robert Mitchell Evans, Karen Wilson, Henry Herz, Marc Biagi)

UNIT Dossier- Aliens and their Invasion of Earth: From the files of UNIT, the Brigadier presents a briefing on each of the alien races that have made an attempt to invade and rule the Earth. ConDor Academy Timey Wimey. Club (Brig Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart)


Trivia for Chocolate: Win Chocolate from Trivia Master Jim Hay. Garden II

Narrating Your Own Audiobooks: Come learn the basic. Balboa (J.L. Doty)

Prof River Song- How to Pilot the T.A.R.D.I.S.: Having stolen the TARDIS any number of times, Prof Song will share some secrets she’s learned from the TARDIS itself. Pay attention and you may end up with a key. ConDor Academy Timey Wimey. Club (Prof River Alexandra Song)


Closing Ceremonies: Join our Chair and Programming. Crystal Ballroom