D.L. Hungerford

D.L. Hungerford also writes as Roxanna Haley, covering diverse genre like paranormal romance, Regency romance, and contemporary suspense romance. Fine, she writes romances, okay? She started out in the days when Star Trek TOS was on the air and wrote fan fiction for the local STAR publication, The Menagerie. Now she has short stories in anthologies on the web, two Regencies of a trilogy up and running, and soon will be traditionally published with the contemporary thing. Smashwords recently chose her Regency series for their Premium Catalogue. A fan of fantasy and science fiction, Ms. Hungerford stays active in local fandom and now that she has a faster internet service, will be streaming all those shows you have been telling her about.

When not writing or being glued to Facebook, she breeds finches and small hookbill parrots, walks her dog, and humors her husband of 20 years by nodding agreeably.