Deen Ferrell

Award-winning author, Deen Ferrell, is author of the internationally acclaimed “Cryptic Spaces” series, winner of a variety of awards including “BookPick of the Year” on Bookbundlz, and “Best in Category” at the Chanticleer International Book Awards. Book 4 in the series, “Enigma,” is due out later this year. His Children’s book “Don’t Look Under the Stairs,” a 3-D interactive book adventure, also comes out later this year. It was created in collaboration with Disney animator, Thomas Leavitt, who also designed the dragon for book 3, “Dark Edge Rising.” Deen also collaborated with Folk/Jazz artist, Leah Finkelstein, on the tie-in song, “Just Another Lonely Kid Like Me,” accessible on Google Play, iTunes, and several other music venues. Deen writes to inspire and provide hope. He also enjoys layering humor into his characters. “Life is too short,” he says. “We all need to learn to smile more at ourselves and the craziness life puts us through.”