Laura Brodian Freas Beraha

Dr. Laura Freas Beraha hosted classical music radio programs in San Francisco and Los Angeles. A co-recipient of ASFA’s Chesley Award, she has illustrated for Analog, MZB Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales, and The Easton Press. A prize winning costumer and masquerade judge, she teaches English Regency dancing in Pasadena and is a Judge in L. Ron Hubbard’s Illustrators of the Future Contest. She and artist Bob Eggleton are currently producing a book of art of her late husband Frank Kelly Freas.

Doctor Laura Brodian Freas Beraha was a voiceover artist and classical music personality on radio stations in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and was also the voice of Delta Symphony and Delta Jazz for Delta Airlines. A past President of the Southern California Early Music Society, she is degreed in Music, but also attended art classes at Indiana University’s School of Fine Arts and at the California Art Institute. Her cover and interior artwork has been published by, among others, TSR, The Easton Press, Analog Magazine of Science Fiction/Fact, Weird Tales, and Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine. Laura was a co-recipient [with Frank Kelly Freas] of The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists [ASFA]’s Chesley Award for Best Cover of the Year. Laura has also served as ASFA’s Western Regional Director. She is a Judge in the L. Ron Hubbard “Illustrators of the Future Contest.”

One of her passions is costuming. She is a former Director-at-Large of Costumer’s Guild West, a WesterCon Masquerade winner, and a WorldCon Masquerade Judge. She also founded the Collinsport Players performing troupe when she was the MC at the first annual Dark Shadows Festival.

Another of her passions is English Regency Dancing, which she also teaches in Pasadena, California. Laura founded the [San Francisco] Bay Area English Regency Society and the [San Fernando] Valley Area English Regency Society. A member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists, Laura is the widow of science fiction’s favorite illustrator, Frank Kelly Freas, with whom she co-edited the fourth volume of his collected works, “Frank Kelly Freas: As He Sees It” in 2000. She and artist Bob Eggleton are currently working on a new Kelly Freas art book. In 2012 Laura Freas married school teacher Steven Beraha in Los Angeles.