Jim Doty

Jim Doty is a full-time SF&F writer, scientist (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, specialty laser physics), and former running-dog-lackey for the bourgeois capitalist establishment. He’s been writing for over 30 years, with 10 published books. His first writing success came through self-publishing, which led to traditional contracts with publishers like Open Road Media and Harper Collins Voyager, and his books are now a mix of traditional and self-published. His eleventh novel, the third in his urban fantasy series The Dead Among Us, was released in February of 2017. He recently finished his twelfth novel, The Witch of Val d’Ossa, and his thirteenth novel, A Hymn for the Dying, the first in a new hard SF series, The Blacksword Regiment. Right now he’s fleshing out ideas for the next book in The Dead Among Us, he’s writing another episode in The Treasons Cycle, and he’s working on Counter Force, the second book in The Blacksword Regiment.