Marc Biagi

Marc is a character and voice actor, well known for numerous video games and animated projects including Vector the Crocodile and Professor Gerald Robotnik in Sonic, Brian in Runaway,  the steampunk mage in Torchlight, and Strider Hiryu in Capcom’s Strider. Marc is a fan of all sorts of popular media and had one of his geeky dreams coming true voicing numerous main characters in Star Trek Online alongside celebrity voices from the various series. He’s been a Doctor Who fan since the old days, and wore Tom Baker’s signature scarf when few knew the show at his alma mater of UCR in the 80s. He’s been heavily involved in fandom in the local and regional area, participating as a panelist and entertainer at many events and cosplaying from time-to-time. You never know, he might even sing some specially themed filks! Keep your eye out for Marc as an important character in the upcoming science fiction drama feature film, Origin: Beyond the Impact.