River Song

River A. Song: Her card reads : Archaeologist, Time Traveler, Trained Assassin, Thief and Wife. Yet she is so much more. A writer, producer , and director on DARK ROMANCES (coming to DVD this year)

She was a founder of EZTV Video Gallery; producer on HOUR-25 SFTV with Mel Gilden and the late Mike Hodel. She produced the Spirit Award winning short “ A Clipping of Flowers” with Susan Zarate. A founding member of Time Travelers Unlimited, and has appeared on panels at SDCC, SD WHO-CON, and Gallifrey One. This is her third (?) year as a guest at ConDor and she will introduce a new character as Sybill Patricia Trelawney, Professor of Divination. ( I suppose being a time traveler helps with things like that) The “child of the TARDIS” looks forward to seeing everyone at ConDor.